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Lip Service Website
Lip Service Blog
Lip Service MySpace
Kill City MySpace
Lip Service Offical Ebay Store

Lippy Clothing Addict Sites
Lippy Addicts
Live Journal Group

Advice, info, direct sales, swaps etc (US/World)

UK Lip Service
Live Journal Group

Advice, info, direct sales, swaps etc (UK)

Lippy Wish Lists

Post your Wishlist - check for sales/trades etc

Lippy Fan Photos
MySpace Profile

It's back!!! Add it to your friends list :)

Lippy Addicts
MySpace Group

MySpace Group for Lippy Addicts

Vintage Lip Service
MySpace Group

MySpace Group for fans of vintage Lippy

Lippy Addicts Facebook Group

Facebook Group for Lippy Addicts


Lip Service catalogues from 2000 onwards (even includes one from 1989!!)

Lippy Addicts Vampire Freaks Cult

Vampire Freaks Cult for Lippy Addicts

Where Else to Buy Lippy
Online Shops

Online Stores that stock Lippy

Ebay & other Auction Sites

Auctions sites where you can find Lippy

Live Journal Seller List

List of Live Journal sellers & their Feedback

Lip Service Fan Site
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